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SOROS – Surface Transport

SOROS – Surface Transport

Efficiency isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing less. It’s about getting more out of each hour, not putting more hours in.

At its heart, SOROS is real-time, online, business management software designed for the transport industry by people from the industry, people who know their industry well.

So SOROS could never be about imposing new and impractical ways of working. On the contrary, it’s about allowing everyone, from operations through engineering to work the way they know works best. Just a whole lot more efficiently and easily.

That really is the key to understanding SOROS – when you can do what you already do but more efficiently. When you have the tools that help tasks to finish on time all the time, your customers get home on time. You get home on time, everyone gets home on time. REQUEST A DEMONSTRATION

Safety Management – Surface Transport

Safety Management – Surface Transport

Providing a system for the management of safety in the transport industry is a fundamental prerequisite for any transport operator to deliver peace of mind to its passengers.

Beyond this however, a well considered safety philosophy that is inter-weaved into the operating mentality of the business can prove transformational to the efficacy with which the business delivers its products and services.
Our experience has demonstrated that an organisational culture that understands both the basic principles of risk management, together with the factors associated with impairing human performance; is better placed to identify hazardous situations and mitigating them, before their harmful consequences present themselves.

Of course such a risk aware culture brings benefits beyond safety management too, helping your business to avoid losses associated with brand damage, financial loss or customer confidence, some of which can be the difference between profit and loss for the year.

At Danburykine, we have a proven track record in safety management system implementation and leading safety culture change in large transport undertakings and can demonstrate the transformational benefits these can bring to your business.

We believe we are in a somewhat unique position, where our partners have held senior management positions in both rail and aviation operating and regulatory organisations; affording us a cross industry perspective that you can call upon to help you realise the true potential of your SMS.

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Process Engineering – Surface Transport

Process Engineering – Surface Transport

We can help you maximise your business effectiveness by working collaboratively to develop strategies that deliver process improvement and eliminate inefficiency. Our Partners have significant Director and Senior Management experience in the transport sector, providing a demonstrable track record in delivering improved organisational effectiveness.

We are experienced practitioners in change management and have led organisational, cultural and enterprise level system change programmes. We understand the risks associated with doing things in different ways and work with our clients to identify the key requirements for successful programme implementations that bring people ‘on the journey’, delivering the benefits envisaged in the business case.

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