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Production Management – Oil and Gas

Production Management

The Production Control Module provides situational awareness of plant serviceability, downstream of the operation, helping to improve control and coordination of operations and maintenance.

The PCM helps you stay on top of the complexities of operating and maintaining Rigs and Processing Plants. It manages the end to end process from taking a component or system out of service, the progress or status of maintenance, through to recommissioning, testing and return to service; all ‘Live’ and in real-time, helping to optimise system reliability and ‘Uptime’.

The SOROS PCM integrates seamlessly with the Concession, Restriction and Briefing modules, ensuring maintenance teams can work at their most efficient levels, saving time and costs.

Engineering Change – Oil and Gas

Engineering Change

The Engineering Change Module provides a user friendly, highly structured workflow to manage modifications and major repairs.

Effective change governance is vital to ensuring changes made to Installations and Processing Plants are safe, that’s why we developed the module to support the Duty Holders obligations to their Safety Case and organisational Safety and Environmental Management System.

Being intuitive and easy to use are core design philosophies of SOROS, so from initial concept development to user testing, we involved independent representatives from a range of safety critical industries to ensure the system delivered what the industry wanted.

Incident Management – Oil and Gas

Incident Management – Oil and Gas

The Incident Management Module helps optimise the effectiveness of your corporate Safety and Environmental Management System and supports the effective discharge your responsibilities to the management and control of major accident hazards.

As a ‘mobile first’ web application, the module provides the capability to record, track, manage and report on events, which have or have the potential to compromise the safe and efficient running of your business.

The Cloud hosted nature of SOROS, enables you to extend access to the system to your suppliers, improving your ability to assign, track and manage actions, quickly and seamlessly.

The IMM, has been developed by Danburykline’s partners and industry practitioners, who between them have decades of experience in Safety Management in safety critical industries.

Maintenance Planning – Oil and Gas

Maintenance Planning

The Maintenance Planning Module has been designed to help optimise asset reliability and operational effectiveness.

The Planning Module enables you to forecast maintenance activity in accordance with the Installation or Process Plant’s procedures for inspection, maintenance and repair on a calendar, or operational hours basis.

The Module has been designed to work seamlessly with the Production Control Module, enabling planned activities to be ‘put into work’ controlled through delivery and then resetting the maintenance counters upon completion.

The interactive Planning Dashboard can be zoomed in or out, providing for short-term detailed views or long-term displays more suited to budget development.

Knowledge Base – Oil and Gas

Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management Module, provides a next generation Document Management System, allowing you to capture your entire organisational intelligence and make it available to everyone whenever they are on a web connection.

No more shared directories, no uncontrolled documentation and no more duplication of effort to create what someone else has already done.

It is truly paperless too, as it doesn’t require a paper document to initiate document creation.

The module provides a structured, searchable, controlled company Wiki, which can be made available to all, or restricted as documents and policy require.

Strict approval controls ensures only those people competent to approve a document can do so, supporting a fundamental principle of you quality management system.

The Knowledge Management Module can be graphically rich, hold structured tables or simple written words and its highly advanced editing software means no one needs any IT skills beyond traditional office software.

Exception Control – Oil and Gas

Exception Control

The Exception Control Module provides for a highly visible status of asset serviceability, to the entire organisation regardless of location, through the control of Concessions and operational Restrictions.

It is inevitable that complex Installations will require systems to be degraded from time to time, often during the course of routine inspections and maintenance. This module in SOROS, permits the Duty Holder to manage such events, safely; ensuring operating personnel are aware of any system degradation and act accordingly to avoid the potential hazards they may present.

The modules workflows help ensure a Concession can only be applied once a suitable risk assessment has been carried out and any subsequent mitigating actions have been applied.

A multi-stage Approval process helps ensure that any risks introduced can only be accepted by someone with the competence and authority to do so.

Briefings – Oil and Gas


The SOROS Briefings Module, provides an intuitive and effective tool for the communication of information to individuals or groups of people, including your suppliers and contractors.

The module allows for the categorisation of messages, helping to ensure those that are essential to the management of safety can be prioritised separately against those that are more informative in nature.

Functionality to provide expiry dates for messages to be read by, confirmation a message has been read and understood and management reporting to keep track of who is up to date, helps your business ensure your workforce is fully informed; contributing to the safe and efficient delivery of its objectives.