Process Engineering- Oil and Gas

The objective of organisational process engineering is to make sure that the output of the business unit is effective in supporting as far as possible the primary objectives of the business as a whole.

We have a demonstrable track record in applying the academic principles of Maintenance Planning and Resource Modelling (MPRM), and turning them into practical improvements in engineering business units, which have corresponded into transformational changes in asset performance and reliability in operations; the raison d’être so to speak.

We have refined our approach over decades of practical experience in Duty Holder positions, leading us to focus on the twelve attributes of a high performing organisation, summarised below;

  • Senior Management Governance and Accountabilities
  • Technical Management and Supervisory Capabilities
  • Maintenance and Production Management know how
  • Production Engineering  & Workflows
  • Planning and Allocation of Work
  • Load and Capacity Modelling
  • Information Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Materials and Inventory Control
  • Support System Capability
  • Outsourcing and core competencies
  • In-sourcing and non-core competencies

There are over a hundred sub-attributes to be considered under these headings, only some of which however will need to be considered to support the improvements you are seeking to achieve.

We would be delighted to here about the improvements you are trying to make and share our ideas about how we might be able to help. Contact us HERE.